Join us at our weekly 3D shoot on Wednesday evenings.

New Membership year begins April 1, 2019. The lock will be changed on April 3rd. Bring your application and fee to the range and get a new key.

Member Achievement page updated with 2019 Indoor Tournament Results

About Us


Mission Statement

Archers de Santa Fe as club is dedicated to promoting the sport of archery in all it's forms: Bowhunting, Field and Target. We seek to unify all independent bow hunters, field archers and target archers in the Santa Fe area into one strong organization.

We aim to protect, improve and increase the bow hunting opportunities of sportsmen, and to promote safe and responsible hunting practices.



From early Spring, about the change to daylight saving time, until the end of August, the start of bowhunting season, the club sponsors weekly 3D shoots at our range. Each Wednesday, starting about 5PM, we set a course of 10 - 15 3D animal targets. 

The goal is to prepare for the upcoming hunting season, but also to introduce individuals to 3D competition in a relaxed environment. The club sponsors two 3D tournaments a year, one being our annual Kyle Morrow Kids and Youth Fun Shoot.


Target Archery

The club is actively trying to increase the amount of target shooting available to its members. Along with the 3D shooting, some members gather on a different evening and set out target butts to practice for outdoor tournaments that are usually held in Albuquerque. The distance to the target butt is determined by the members shooting that particular evening.