Tournament Results

NM State 2018 Indoor Championship

Sam Tuma  Masters 70+ Recurve First Place

Nicholas Tspatsaris  Master 60+ Recurve Second Place  

Ricardo Roybal  Masters 70+ Barebow First Place  NM State Indoor Record

Emma Roybal  Masters 70+ Barebow First Place NM State Indoor Record 

Randy Neumann  Traditional Long Bow First Place NM State Indoor Record

Non-members from Santa Fe:

Ernie Buenafe  Masters 60+ Recurve  Third Place

Linda Gregory  Master 50+ Barebow 50+ First Place

Timothy Gilmore  Senior Barebow First Place

Abdullah Mirza  Senior Recurve First Place

Yi Pan  Traditional Recurve Fifth Place

Congratulations to all Archers de Santa Fe Club Members and non-members who participated in the tournament.

Complete tournament results:

Over 100 archers competed in the tournament. 

Thank you to the Archery Shoppe in Albuquerque, NM for hosting the 2018 State Indoor Tournament.

49th USAA National Indoor Championships

Sam Tuma  Recurve Master 70+ 

Nicholas Tsapatsaris  Recurve Master 60+ 

Marta Nystrom  Compound Master 60+

Ricardo Roybal  Barebow Masters 70+ 

Emma Roybal  Barebow Masters 70+ 

Non-Members from Santa Fe

Ernest Buenafe  Recurve Masters 60+ 

Abdullah Mirza  Recurve Senior

Yi Pan  Traditional Recurve Senior

Congratulations to all the Archers de Santa Fe Club Members and non-members who participated in this tournament.

Complete Tournament results:

Click on the link. On the USA Page select Albuquerque. Select Ranking Round. And your there. Enjoy!

2018 Santa Fe Senior Olympic Archery Tournament


Male      75-79        Jack Miller               First Place         737

Female  70-74       Linda Miller             First Place         559

Male      70-74       Mark Web                First Place         813

Male      70-74       Charlie Shubert       Second Place   757

Male      60-64       Gary Maddux           Fist Place          836

Female  60-64       Marta Nystrom        First pace         729

Female  50-54       Christine Gonzales  First Place        752

Recurve Barebow:

Male      70-74       Ricardo Roybal         First Place         328

Male      70-74       Jack Scott                   Second Place   257

Female  70-74       Emma Roybal           First Place        403

Male      65-69       Tom Shine                 First Place        643

Male      60-65      Tim Gilmore               First Place        250

Male      55-59       Randy Neumann      First Place        471

Female  50-54       Linda Gregory          First Place        238